Lewa channeling his Air powers
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Le-

Associated Color(s) Primary: Green
Secondary: differing shades of green, Turquoise

Associated Location(s) Le-Metru, Le-Wahi, Le-Koro

Air is an Element in Bionicle. This element is used by Toa and Turaga of Air. Toa of Air have almost perfect control of the element. Turaga abilities are far weaker than a Toa's.


  • Creating air.
  • Controlling air.
    • Manipulating wind currents to glide on.
    • Creating cyclones.
  • Absorbing air to create a Vacuum.
  • Setting a delayed reaction of air (Nuva-exclusive).
  • Unleashing an Air Nova Blast.
  • Increased agility also comes with this power.


  • When combined with the Element of Water, it can be used to create a storm or a water cyclone.
  • When combined with the Element of Fire, it can be used to create a tornado of fire.
  • When combined with the Element of Stone, it can be used to create a powerful sandstorm.
  • When combined with any other five different Elements (not including Light and Shadow together), it creates a Protodermis cage around the target that is only breakable by a second union of the Elements.
  • When a Skakdi wishes to use their power of air, they must be paired with another Skakdi in order to do so.


These beings were wielders of the Element of Air:

  • Le-Matoran - Inaccessible
  • Lehvak-Kal - Formerly, now in space
  • All Toa of Air
    • Lewa - Enhanced when he became a Toa Nuva.
    • Wairuha - Enhanced when he was Toa Nuva Kaita.
    • Matau - Reduced when transformed into a Turaga.
    • Nidhiki - Lost when mutated; now deceased.
    • Iruini - Lost when he became a Rahaga; since restored. His spear also had Air powers.
    • Spinner - Lost when altered by the Dark Hunters.
    • Kongu - His powers as a Toa Inika were combined with Lightning.
    • Lesovikk
  • All Kraata and Rahkshi of Cyclone - Limited Air powers
  • Most Makuta - Limited Air powers
  • Takutanuva - Limited Air powers
  • Krahka - Gained from using Matau's form
  • Skakdi of Air - Only when used with another Skakdi.
    • Zaktan - Only in conjunction with another Skakdi; now deceased.
  • Gresh - Given by Mata Nui using the Ignika.
  • Vastus - Given by Mata Nui using the Ignika.
  • Vilya
  • Venthur Kest


These locations were affiliated with the Element of Air:

  • Le-Metru - Formerly; now destroyed
  • Le-Wahi - Formerly; destroyed by the Bohrok.
    • Le-Koro - Formerly; destroyed by the Bohrok.


  • The reason why Gresh and Vastus were given air powers by Mata Nui instead of Jungle is that he associated green with Toa of Air.
  • Most Matoran, Toa and Turaga of Air were male.

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