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Elementus Banner
Setting Bobtos Prime
Date set 4A 1st of Glace, 2014- 4A Unknown Date
Media information
Release date 2014
Writer(s) Invader39
Previous Unauthorized Export
Concurrent Freedom Lines
Next When Lights Die
Elementus is a story revolving around some members of the Elementus Republic, and a growing conspiracy within the senate itself. In the storyline, Echo documented this event.


Chapter 1: Attack on the SenateEdit

To be written

Chapter 2: PlotsEdit

To be written

Chapter 3: Night FrightEdit

To be written

Chapter 4: The AttackerEdit

To be written

Chapter 5Edit

To be written

Chapter 6Edit

To be written


To be written



  • This story is written for Chalk33's storyline.
  • There are six chapters in this story.
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