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Freedom Lines
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Setting Chalkaverse-1, Elementus system, Chalka Magna
Date set 4A 1st of Glace, 2014- 4A Unknown Date
Media information
Release date TBD
Writer(s) Chalk33
Previous Chalkis
Concurrent Elementus, Dream Fields, Surface and Resurface
Next Crimson Snow

Freedom Lines is the first story in The Unity Squad Saga, telling the tales of Unity Squad. If you'd like to post a review, put on this page's talk page or my wall



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Chapter 1: CrashedEdit

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Chapter 2: The SearchEdit

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Chapter 3: SurpriseEdit

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Chapter 4: The Ancient TempleEdit

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Chapter 5: Pain of DestructionEdit

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Chapter 6: Echo of DestructionEdit

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Character Gallery (WIP)Edit

Unity SquadEdit


  • There is a sub-story to this, Dream Fields, which takes place in Chapter 1 while Viretha is knocked out. 
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