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Owe-me-one Kenobi (Parody)
Biographical information



57 BBY


0 BBY (On the Deaf Star)

Physical description





1.87 Meters


77 Kilograms

Hair color

Auburn, now white

Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information
  • Clone Wars
  • Rise of Empire
  • Rebellion Era
  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Yo-duh
  • Qui-Gone Chin
  • And-a-can Skyplopper
  • Luke Skyplopper
Owe-me-one Kenobi is a Jedhi master who fought in the Clone Wars and taught And-a-can Skyplopper and his son the ways of the force.


Early LifeEdit

Owe-me-one Kenobi was born on the planet Stew-John and was taken by the jedhi order to become a jedhi. Being trained as youngling by Yo-duh, he was later appointed to be the apprentice of Qui-Gone Chin. They soon went on multiple missions.

Da Pahntom MenaceEdit

To be written...

Attack of da ClonesEdit

To be written...

Revenge of da SifEdit

To be written...

A (somewhat new) HopeEdit

To be written...

The Emperor strikes his back!Edit

It was soon that Owe-Me-One visited Lukewarm on Hoth and told him to go to the Degobah systme to get training from Yo-Duh. As Lukewarm gets trained, he warns Lukewarm not to go to bespin to save his friends, thinking he is their only hope. However, Yo-Duh says there is another...

Return of the JedhiEdit

As Lukewarm returns to Degobah and asks Owe-Me-One why he lied to him, he tells Lukewarm his story was from his "Point of View" and that it was true. Extremely upset, Lukewarm punches through his ghost body. Warning Lukwarm not to unleash his anger, thus turning to the dark side, he tells Lukewarm of his twin sister, and Lukewarm vomits after realizing his kissed his sister.


Stahr WarzEdit

  • Da Pahntom Menace
  • Attack of da Clones
  • Revenge of da Sif
  • A (somewhat new) Hope
  • The Emperor strikes his back! (As a ghost)
  • Return of da Jedhi (As a ghost)
  • Da Ford Awakens


  • He trained both Skyploppers and was on Tattooing both times when both were young.
  • Due to And-a-can's habit to save his life, Owe-me-one litteraly owes him owes him one.
  • He is not fond of how he keeps ending up going to Tattooing, especially since he hates the idea of tattoos.
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