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Element Information
Matoran Prefix Bo-
Associated Color(s) Blue, green
Associated Location(s) Tesara, Bota Magna

Plantlife or Jungle was an Elemental Power based on botany and the life-force of plants. Users had the power to manipulate the movement and growth of plants.


  • Creating plantlife.
  • Changing the form of plants.
  • Controlling plantlife.
  • Absorbing plantlife.
  • Unleashing a Plantlife Nova Blast(Toa-exclusive).
  • "Possessing" plantlife. - Element Lord-exclusive


  • Kraata and Rahkshi of Plant Control
  • Most Makuta
  • Takutanuva - Formerly; now unmerged
  • All Toa of Plantlife
    • A Toa of Plantlife in Dark Mirror
    • A Toa of Plantlife seen in BIONICLE Legends 4: Legacy of Evil
  • Bo-Matoran - Inaccessible
  • Any Turaga of Plantlife
  • Any Skakdi of Plantlife - Only when used with another Skakdi.
  • The Element Lord of Jungle


These locations were associated with the Element of Plantlife/Jungle:

  • Bota Magna
  • Cavern of Jungle
  • Tesara
  • The jungle region of Okoto


  • Most Matoran, Toa and Turaga of Plant Life were male.

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