Bionicle Shadow hand
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Kra-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Black
Secondary: Various
Associated Location(s) Dark Regions

Shadow was an element allowing the controller to extinguish light and launch blasts of pure darkness. While commonly associated with evil, it was not always. In fact, it wasn't until the Brotherhood of Makuta became corrupted that it was associated with evil.


  • Creating shadows.
  • Controlling shadows.
  • Absorbing shadows.
  • Creating a Shadow Hand (Exclusive to Makuta)
  • Unleashing a Shadow Nova Blast. (Exclusive to Toa)

Known UsersEdit

These beings were wielders of the Element of Shadow:


These locations were affiliated with the Element of Shadow:

  • Mangaia
  • Destral
  • Place of Shadow
  • Field of Shadows
  • Tunnel of Darkness


  • Matoran of Shadow could commonly be found to be either male or female, due to dependence on their gender prior to having their light drained.

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