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Element Information
Matoran Prefix Tek-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Yellow
Associated Location(s) None known

Technology was an Element associated with technology.


  • Creating technology
  • Modifying the functions of technology
  • Moving technology through telekinesis
  • Short-circuiting technology
  • Setting a delayed blast of short-circuiting (Toa Nuva-exclusive)
  • Unleashing a Technology Nova Blast (Toa-exclusive)
  • Innate knowledge of technology


When six Toa of any six different elements can combine their powers to create a Protodermis Cage, so long as the elements of Light and Shadow are not included at the same time.


All of the following have/had the Element of Technology and/or its sub-powers:

  • Tek-Matoran - Inaccessible; manifests as innate affinity for technology
  • All Toa of Technology
  • All Turaga of Technology - Decreased after transformation from Toa
  • All Skakdi of Technology - Only when used in conjunction with another Skakdi, or channeled through certain weapons
  • Chalka

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