How to use (note that not every field needs to be used:

|ImageBG = Image and Inner Background
|BdColor = Inner Border Color
|BGColor = Outer Background Color
|Bd2Color = Outer Border Color
|FontColor = Heading Font Colors
|Font2Color = Heading Font Colors
|Name = Character Name
|Image = Image (Don't use "File:," px, or brackets, as those are added automatically)
|Image 2 = For if you want multiple images. To use, do not use the regular image field. Instead, use [[Template:Switch|this template]].
|Titles = Any titles the character holds
|Nickname = Nickname
|Alias = Alias
|Race = Race/Species (Whichever term you prefer)
|Gender = Gender
|Age = Age (Really only applies to species that age, such as [[Malishta (Chalkaverse-1)|Malishta]])
|Kanohi = Any  kanohi the character has
|Weapons = Weapons
|Colors = Colors present on character/MOC
|Accessories = Any accessories the character has
|Birthday = Birthdate (Again, really only matter for species that age)
|Handedness = Right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous
|Height = How tall the character is
|Weight = How much the character weighs
|Hair = Hair color
|Eyes = Eye color
|Blood Type = Blood type
|Element = Character's element
|Powers = Character's non-elemental powers
|Affiliation = Affiliation(s)
|Previous Affiliation = Previous Affiliation(s)
|Occupation = Current occupation(s)
|Previous Occupation = Previous occupation(s)
|Team = Current team(s)
|Previous Team = Previous team(s)
|Partner = Current partner
|Previous Partner = Previous partner(s)
|Status = Current status (typically whether character is still alive)
|Relatives = Character's relatives (If character belongs to species where reproduction is possible, since that's how you get relatives typically)
|First Appearance = The story the character first appeared in
|Music Theme = Character's music theme}}

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